4 exquisite local udon noodles that you have to eat once in a lifetime


Himokawa Udon

Himokawa Udon is a local gourmet that made the Udon Town Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture famous. The thin paper-like noodles and soup stock are intertwined with a unique texture that makes your tongue satisfied. If you visit Gunma Prefecture, you should try it. The famous restaurant of Himokawa Udon “Fujiya honten”, which has a history from 1887, is famous not only for its exquisite Himokawa Udon but also for normal udon and its soup stock. You can also buy Fujiya honten’s special half-dried Himokawa udon, soup stock and shichimi chili.
Fujiya honten
Tel +81 277-44-3791
Lunch 11:30 am ー 2:30 pm From Tuesday through Sunday
Dinner 5:30 pm ー 8:30 pm From Friday through Sunday
Closed on Monday and 4th Tuesday.
If Monday is holiday, only the morning section will be open, and next Tuesday will be closed.
※ The restaurant will be closed when either noodles or soup are run out.

Oshibori Udon

Oshibori Udon is a local dish made from Nezumi daikon, a radish with a spicy and subtle sweetness that is a specialty of Sakaki Town in Nagano Prefecture. You can enjoy exquisite squeezed udon noodles at “Kaize”, which is built on a small hill with a beautiful view of Sakaki town. There is “Kaize” in the hillside apple fields and nezumi daikon fields with Mt. Asama and Kusatsu Shirane behind. Cute rabbits and goats will welcome you. We will have hand-made udon with firmness dipping to the squeeze juice of the Nezumi daikon. At first, you can taste the spicy of the Nezumi daikon juice. Then add the condiments and miso little by little to finish the taste. Adding miso makes the hotness milder. Handmade soba with 100% buckweat flour is also authentic Shinshu soba that you should definitely try. 1000 yen Wagamama set that allows you to eat both the Oshibori udon dipping in the Nezumi daikon juice and the hand-made soba dipping in the soup.
Tel +81 268-81-3595 OPEN 11:30 am ー 2:00 pm(Last call) Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Exquisite Sanuki udon that can be eaten in Mito

There is a shop that offers great exquisite Sanuki udon at Mito and is a great success every day from local residents and other prefectures. A white-collar worker from Kagawa Prefecture learned techniques to make udon and has started business. Ibaraki’s signature sweet potato tempura attracts the eye with the long, elastic udon served in the tub.

The umebishi-flavored sweet potato chips that are served immediately after sitting down are also superb and can be used as a souvenir if they remain next to the cash register.

Looking at the garden from the tatami room of a pure Japanese-style house is also a moment.
Tarai udon Momijiya 
Tel +81 292-59-4826 OPEN 11:30 am ー 9:00 pm(Last call 8:30 pm) ※ Open 11:00 am on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

Musashino udon

“Fujidana Udon” is a hugely popular among locals in Saitama. Now, the procession never stops with people coming from far away. It is similar to Musashino udon, but “Nikujiru Udon”, originally developed by the store, is a store representative menu. Please dip udon in the soup with pork, fried and leeks. It is a taste that can be relieved even if you eat for the first time.
Fujidana Udon Kawagoe
Tel +81 49-247-7887 OPEN 10:00 am ー 3:00 pm From Monday through Friday Only souvenir sales on Saturday Closed on Sundays and public holidays Other store Fujidana Udon Saitama