Hot springs (mixed bathing) where you can feel the openness of nature


“Awanoyu”, the milky open-air hot springs in Shirahone

A long-established inn in Shinshu Shirahone Onsen, “Awanoyu” has a vast open-air bath with a milky white water source.

Hot water of Shirahone that flows down from a high wall to a large rock bath surrounded by a calm Japanese-style building and garden. It is a colorless and transparent hot spring that has just springed out, but in an open-air bath, it shines in a pure white or bluish milky white depending on the time of exposure to air, temperature, humidity, and how the sun shines.

The carbonated spring at around 38 ℃ enhances the bathing effect. It is timeless to look at the plants in the garden and the white cloudy water that shines beautifully in response to the sun. “Awanoyu” is the second choice while watching the snow and autumn leaves.

There are entrances from the changing room for women and the changing room for men. Since the entrance is hidden behind, it can be left immersed in hot water that is dark and transparent, making it comfortable for women. Bath towels can also be worn.

Gender ratio
The percentage of women in the open-air bath is about 20% to 40%.
This is quite high rate for a mixed bathing hot spring.


There is no washing place in the open-air bath. First wash your body in indoor bath, then wear your clothes and move to the dressing room of the open-air bath.

The indoor bath is a transparent sulfur carbonate spring before it becomes cloudy because of the large amount of water. There are several types of baths in the quaint wooden baths, which you can enjoy as well.



Main building: Mixed bathing open-air bath, gender-specific indoor bath, gender-specific outdoor bath
Tel +81-263-93-2101
10:30 am ー 1:30 pm(Leave before 2:00 pm)
Adult (more than junior high school students) 1,000 yen
From 3 years old to elementary school student 600 yen
※Rental fee: Towel 100 yen, bath towel 700 yen


・Please note that the reception time is short for bathing only.
・ The mixed bathing open-air bath is for the main building, so be sure not to mischoose it for the bathing only in the annex.
・ On the day, please check about the bathing only over the phone.


Shinhotaka Onsen is located a little deeper in Okuhida in Gifu Prefecture. Along the river there is a communal open-air bath surrounded by giant rocks. It is an open-air bath where you can enjoy a refreshing feeling that is integrated with nature, such as overlooking the river from a bathtub as if a part of a river.

It is a mixed bathing hot spring with gender-specific dressing rooms. Bath towels or swimwear can be worn. There is no washing place and the use of soaps is prohibited.



Tel +81 578-89-2614(Okuhida Onsen Town Tourism Association)
8:00 am ー 6:00 pm Open everyday
May be closed when the river increases.
Closed from wintertime to springtime (October 31 to late April).
Donation for cleaning of about 300 yen

Kamuiwakka Hot Waterfall

After driving the gravel road about 30 minutes by car from Shiretoko Goko, there is a hot spring waterfall that flows down the slope. A natural athletic field where you can enjoy climbing in the hot springs and playing in the water while wearing clothes or changing to swimwear.

There is a parking lot right next to the waterfall, so we recommend that you prepare for the waterfall there before you go. There are places as deep as a shallow bath, so you can fully enjoy yourself by preparing.

Recommended items for those who want to play in the waterfall

  • Clothes that can be wet
  • Sandals that can fix heels
  • Waterproof or a nearby bag for storing valuables
  • Water to wash away your feet and body in plastic bottles
  • Change of clothes
  • towel

How to play at the waterfall
      • Arriving at the waterfall
        Prepare well in the car


        Change into clothes that can be wet and sandals that can be fixed to the heel.
        Minimize valuables and avoid getting wet.

      • Go up to the waterfall
        Slipperly! Play carefully.


        Walk up the slippery steep road along the river.
        Enter the river and play outside the restricted areas.
        To go up, there is a fast or steep slope, so walk carefully.

      • Back to the car
        Ready to go home


        The spring quality is strongly acidic, so you should wash it with water.
        The feet are dirty on the down slope, so wash with water.
        Change your clothes and get home without catching a cold.

    ・The spring quality is strongly acidic, so if you have weak skin, just use your feet or shorten your time.
    ・ Because the temperature of Shiretoko is low even in summer and the water temperature is about 30 ℃, be careful not to catch a cold.
    ・ The whole area of ​​Shiretoko is a habitat for brown bears. Know what to do when you face a bear and measure that doesn’t meet a brown bear.

    Kamuiwakka Hot Waterfall

    Kamuiwakka Hot Waterfall
    Tel +81 152-24-2114(Shiretoko Nature Center)
    Scheduled from May 31 to late October (※2019)
    From 16:00 on July 31st to August 25th, due to congestion, private car regulations. (walking and bicycles are allowed)
    Shuttle bus service only from August 1st to August 25th.