4 exquisite local udon noodles that you have to eat once in a lifetime

Himokawa Udon Kamo seiro Himokawa Udon is a local gourmet that made the Udon Town Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture ...

Two fun islands that can be reached by car across the scenic bridge

Daikon Island / Ejima Ohashi Bridge Daikon Island in the Nakaumi, the brackish water lake in the east of Lake Shinji ...

10 Must Do Things in Narita

Eat grilled eel over rice at " Kawatoyo " As you walk along "Omote-sando", the approach street to the Shinsho-ji te...

4 exquisite soft ice creams

Soft ice cream of "Milk no sato" at Mt.Daisen Special soft ice cream of ”Milk no sato"  350yen Made from delici...

Hot springs (mixed bathing) where you can feel the openness of nature

"Awanoyu", the milky open-air hot springs in Shirahone A place where groundwater springs at Shirahone Onsen A lo...

Pious mountains

Mt. Misen Itsukushima has been an object of faith since ancient times. Many people come from all over the country and ...