4 exquisite soft ice creams


Soft ice cream of “Milk no sato” at Mt.Daisen

Special soft ice cream of ”Milk no sato”  350yen

Made from delicious milk from Tottori Prefecture, this soft ice cream with a rich aftertaste is contained with the flavor of fresh milk.

The soft ice cream you eat in the ranch is exceptional, with the Daisen west wall towering up behind and looking down at Yumigahama.

Daisen makiba milk no sato

Tel  +81 859-52-3698
10:00 am ー 5:00 pm Closed in winter
Please ask for business day


Kita Alps Ranch Milk soft ice cream

Kita Alps Ranch Milk Soft ice cream 350yen

When you put it in your mouth, the flavor of raw milk will spread gently, and a light texture cream will melt quickly. A gem that makes you want to repeat.

The ranch and direct sale place in the gentle hills of Azumino are more tranquil and refreshing, and enhance the taste of soft ice cream.

Kita alps ranch shop 

Tel&Fax +81 263-83-7571
10:00 am ー 5:00 pm (Open on winter weekdays from 10:30 am to 11:00 am)
9:30 am ー 5:30 pm  (Busy season)
Winter holiday: 1/11 to early March Wednesday

”Santa no hige” Soft ice cream on the cut of melon

Santa no hige (Large) 1400 yen ~

Soft ice cream “Santa no hige” placed on a melon from Furano, Hokkaido, which is famous throughout the country. A soft ice cream with a refreshing milk scent matches the freshly cut melons of Furano. It’s best to share with your family and friends, or eat alone while watching the magnificent Furano scenery on the deck.

You can also buy melons and local fresh vegetables for delivery.

Poplar Farm / Nakahurano head office

Tel +81 167-44-2033
9:00 am ー 5:00 pm (Last call 4:30 pm) From April to October 4月~10月

”Cremia” , A premium soft ice cream

Cremia  500yen+tax

A luxurious combination of a thick cream made with 25% fresh cream and a Langue de chat corn. Awarded the iTQi Excellent Taste Award with the highest ranking of 3 stars for 6 consecutive years.

Directly managed store SILKREAM  (Osaka)
B2F,Hankyu Sanbangai Minami-kan

Tel  +81 6-6372-8764
11:00 am ー 10:00 pm

There are other stores that handle Cremia throughout the country, including Highway shopping area and cafes.

A cafe where you can eat Cremia, which is recommended for free time after immigration, where you can relax with a sofa seating. ↓

FaSola Cafe in Narita Airport Terminal 2

Narita Airport Terminal 2 3F Satellite passage (Area after immigration)
6:30 am ー 9:30 pm